Website Design, Development with the Importance of SEO Keywords

Keywords within your website content are the first thing that you should know about when start to optimise your website for SEO

The reason and importance of using keywords throughout your site is that some of your pages/posts could have a big impact, been seen by your target audience and be ranked high or on the first page of google for your keywords that are searched for by users.

If you are using keywords and phrases that include specific places. i.e. names of towns, cities or areas such as Inverness or Highlands, this will further narrow down your target market if your aim is to reach an audience based on specific areas. The search engine is basically a machine language (Algorithm), which looks for certain keywords amongst some other factors. There are various other means to increase your website standing, just some of these include: code quality (how well but the site is, using modern responsive build techniques) meta information such as ‘alt’ tags in images and correctly formatted page content with H1, H2, H3… tags and son on.

Without doubt, keywords used within your website is the first and arguably the most important aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Your keywords or 2-3 word phrases should be positioned within your title, main body content, at the end of your body content, and also often missed, your url address of your webpage. Placing the keywords in the url of your pages has a large impact on SEO strengthening your keyword density for that specific page and should ideally be the same as your page title.

Be careful of what keywords you choose, they have to reflect strongly the products/services that you offer. In case of multiple services and products your business offers, keywords on different pages of your site will be required more so than others. If you would like professional website design including SEO development, feel free to contact Premier Digital in Inverness today to discuss  your website design needs to achieve the right online presence for your business.