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Specialist Website Design for a Specialist Business

UK Cylinder Head specialist Autohead Recon, approached us for a complete redesign of their website to be modern, fully responsive, clean and simply stunning.

Based in Inverness Autohead Recon are UK Specialists in Cylinder Head, Engines and Gearbox repair and remanufacturing.

website design inverness

A new modern website design which shows all the services they offer in a clear and visually pleasing way, was the solution to convey this high end specialist business image. The website simply had to reflect the first class services offered to clients from Inverness, Scotland and across the UK.

Using high visual impact photographs within a full screen slider on the homepage of Gearboxes, Turbo Chargers and Engine parts took this website to a new level, showcasing their main services.

Autohead Recon cover a whole range of repair and remanufacturing parts from Cars, Commercial, Marine and Plant. These 4 main areas were cleverly and responsively animated by Using panoramic images on the homepage that move left to right and vice versa as you scroll down the page. (desktop only).

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The section below uses 6 evenly displayed boxes or widgets to display all of their main products and services linking to each of the relevant pages. This gives users the ability to visually see all of the products and services right on the homepage with browsing throughout the menu.

Each of the products and services pages have a main top section incorporating related background image with title, summary text and thumbnail images.  The pages are broken up into 2-3 sections that go into details about each of the services they offer, with ‘call to action’ or large get in touch buttons linked to the contact page which are perfectly placed to encourage readers to make contact. The footer of the site also contains its own contact button that opens a modal pop up to enable people to see their location on a map, as well as use a contact form without having to leave the current page.

web design inverness

The design and layout of the website works seamlessly across all devices, and is vital for the usability and modern standards of website design. General auto parts are not usually particularly pleasing to the eye. But we have successfully managed to create a stunning website thats shows these parts in a dynamic, high impact fashion and visually pleasing to the eye.

Check out the site here:

web design inverness

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