Get Creative with your Title and Business Rebranding

Creating the perfect titles, business cards, rebranding your stationery and leaflets

Deciding on the best title to give yourself for your business card can be big decision to make. Are you a Technician, Owner, Manager, President, or a mix of them?

What you call yourself can have a big impact on how people perceive you. The title you decide to use on your business card has the potential to make your business look very big or very small. Keep in mind and consider what unique impression you want to make on your clients. An authoritative title can let others know right away that you have the prerogative to make important decisions or negotiate prices.

Being honest about your profession is the best policy. If you are a computer technician working by yourself, then say so. Don’t mark yourself as an owner or a president. An appropriate title in this situation would be “Technician,” “Computer Engineer” or no title at all. There aren’t any rules written in stone regarding the title you should use on your business card. It all depends on your unique situation. Whether you’re a freelancer, an executive, or part of a small business, choose the title that will provide the greatest benefit to you.

If you are a new or existing business looking to rebrand your stationery with a highly creative graphic design input, Premier Digital will assist you every step of the way. From rebranding your business identity, advising you on the titles and content, and recommending the best materials (ie card, plastic etc) for printing are just some parts of the process of making your business have the unique impression that you require. Often the business card is the ‘first impression’ of the business and needs to be unique as it is handed out and ‘seen’ when making your first contact with a new client. The design and theme of your card, along with your targeted, high impact logo can then be applied to other stationery and marketing materials, such as compliment slips, letterheads, brochures, leaflets and folded leaflets.